Mission Statement:

"Helping people achieve peak wellness by maintaining an addiction free lifestyle."


Brief Description

At Summit Behavioral Wellness, we utilize medication assisted treatment and evidence-based counseling techniques to maximize your success in maintaining an addiction-free lifestyle. This primarily involves the use of buprenorphine for opioid use disorder. We also offer treatment for co-occurring conditions.

What To Expect

All new patients will move through the three phases of recovery as described below. Transferring patients will be placed in the appropriate maintenance phase, as determined by the physician.


Because different individuals have different needs, we will begin all patients on a standard dose, then adjust accordingly over the next few days until the most appropriate and personalized dosage for use in the next phase is determined.

Early Maintenance

This phase is comprised of the first three months of treatment. During the first month, patients will meet weekly with their counselor and their physician. During the second and third months, meetings with counselors and the physician will be bi-weekly. For your convenience, counseling is also available through tele-therapy

Continued Maintenance

After the first three months of treatment (induction and early maintenance phase), patients will meet once a month for the next nine months with their support coordinator and with their physician. After this, when patients (including transfers) have been in recovery at Summit Behavioral Wellness for one year, meetings will be bi-monthly.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Willingness to participate in counseling, especially during the early maintenance phase

  • Willingness to participate in urine drug screens

  • While patients may begin buprenorphine treatment while using other potentially addictive substances (as long as it is not immediately dangerous), they must be willing to move towards minimizing their use of these substances. This includes the use of:

    • Cannabis

    • Pharmaceuticals not prescribed to the patient

    • Benzodiazepines for anxiety above 1 mg/day clonazepam or its equivalent

    • Stimulants for ADHD above FDA guidelines

    • Excessive alcohol

    • Other illicit substances

Estimate Of Cost

We realize that recovery is difficult, and make every effort to provide treatment at very competitive rates in comparison to other private clinics. Because we offer highly individualized treatment, cost varies depending on the patient. Due to evaluation and greater treatment intensity, costs are higher during the induction and early maintenance phase. Once recovery is well established in the continuing maintenance phase, the average cost is between $50 and $200 per month depending on the need for treatment of co-occurring conditions. Routine drug screens are and additional $20 each. Most insurances will cover the cost of medication, but otherwise the cost is around $150 to $225 per month.

Methods Of Payment

Though we do plan to offer this in the future, we are not currently able to accept health insurance as payment for treatment. We can, however, provide a "superbill" which can be submitted to some participating health insurance policies for reimbursement.

We accept cash, credit, debit, and paypal.

Why Is Psychosocial Treatment (Counseling) Required?

Psychosocial treatment (recovery support) provides individuals in treatment with important tools that can be used to maintain recovery and avoid relapse.  This is especially important in the first 90 days of treatment, and after a relapse.  

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